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Easy handling of heavy windows

28.05.2021 - activPilot Topstar for flush-mounted wooden windows up to 150 kg: Unique traction rod for concealed fittings increases load capacity and makes installation easier.

Wooden windows without visible fittings are the current trend. They are made from a renewable raw material and impress with their straightforward design. Winkhaus offers the activPilot Topstar fitting system for such components. This means that very large and heavy windows with a sash weight of up to 150 kilograms are now also possible. The innovative traction rod technology is responsible for the high load-bearing capacity. It also facilitates handling in the factory and on the construction site.

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Large windows are popular but heavy. The fittings must be correspondingly stable. An innovative fitting part from Winkhaus shows that smart technology can also help to build and install large and heavy elements: The traction rod. It is unique on the market and supports window professionals in their work.
activPilot Topstar fitting system also handles large tasks
The operating principle of the traction rod is similar to that of the sash hinge rail from Winkhaus, which has made it easier for window professionals to install the fully concealed activPilot Select fitting on large elements: It is installed on the hinge side and safely diverts the sash weight into the jamb of the frame. On turn opening, the window sash raises easily, taking the burden off the corner hinge and other components. The traction rod also extends the range of applications for the activPilot Topstar fitting. Balcony doors with barrier-free thresholds are part of the new range of applications, for example. Increasing demand is expected in this segment, particularly as activPilot Topstar allows components to be designed flush on the inside.

The traction rod also makes installation easier because the sash and frame practically find each other on their own: The window professional sets the sash in the frame as usual. Because the traction rod is self-locking, it finds the corresponding frame part and connects to it automatically, thus avoiding the usual balancing act of mounting the window and transferring the load. This also prevents any damage to the supporting arm of the corner hinge. Once the window is opened after being mounted, the traction rod can be secured, allowing the system to operate comfortably and reliably.

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Trendy solution for flush-mounted interior windows

The inwards-running movement kinematics of the activPilot Topstar enables wooden windows, flush-mounted on the inside, to be produced with narrow shadow gaps measuring up to 4mm. The fully concealed turn-tilt fitting with traction rod carries window sashes weighing up to 150 kg - without it, the weight limit is 130 kg. Thanks to its stable, highly resistant steel fitting components, this is achieved without the need for any additional components. High-strength steel plates on sensitive friction surfaces also reduce wear and tear, improving the lifespan of the hinge parts.

True to Winkhaus’ modular concept, the fitting fits smoothly into the manufacturer’s module system. activPilot Topstar corner hinges, shears and sash hinges are quickly mounted together with activPilot Select top rods, simplifying stock-keeping for this product.

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