RC3 for windows -

Burglary resistance from the standard modular system

01.07.2021 - The Winkhaus activPilot fitting system enables scalable burglary resistance up to RC3 with standard components.

Turn-tilt windows made of wood and PVC-U now achieve a high level of RC3 burglary resistance with standard components from the Winkhaus activPilot fitting system. Its all-round fitting linkage with evenly arranged locking points offers a high level of security and ease of use. And the hardened drilling protection and airgap limiters, which are adapted to the installation situation, ensure a high level of resistance even during attempts to lever the window open with heavy tools.

Manufacturers and retailers of wooden windows and PVC-U windows alike benefit from the new advantages of the activPilot fitting system. The system variant for PVC-U windows is suitable for profiles with an construction depth of 80 mm or more. Wooden windows are possible with profiles from IV78 with 13 mm groove position with high-quality woods.

The prerequisite for RC classification is that the overall window construction also complies with the requirements of DIN EN 1627-1630. In addition to the P5A glazing specified for RC3 with suitable glazing protection, the installation situation of the elements also has a significant influence on this.

The manufacturer-friendly system can be flexibly integrated into the production process of window manufacturers. This added value from Winkhaus can give the manufacturer and the dealer of components a clear advantage in the market.

Fenstertechnik activPilot RC3


Window manufacturers have the option of using the available RC3 results under license. Participation in a RC3 seminar is required for this. This training provides window specialists with all the necessary knowledge for building burglary-resistant windows and patio doors. With the activPilot fitting system, RC3 can be used to create both one-piece and two-piece elements with a turn-tilt function and fixed field (fixed glazing).

activPilot RC3 burglary resistance for PVC-U windows 

activPilot RC3 burglary resistance for wooden windows


RC3 für Fenster