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Advantage for aluminium professionals: Manufacturer cooperation

Winkhaus and Kawneer have coordinated products and are working together in Belgium

Winkhaus and the aluminium system specialist Kawneer are working together. From 1 February 2021, they will be present on the Belgian market together - with the combination of the Winkhaus aluPilot window fitting and Kawneer window and door systems.
This cooperation has an impressive benefit for metalworkers: Significant time savings in production.

Both companies are highly regarded and recognised internationally - Winkhaus for its innovative window and door technology, Kawneer for high-quality aluminium window, door and façade systems. Modular solutions are at the heart of the respective product programs.

The two manufacturers have now perfectly coordinated their solutions, the Winkhaus aluPilot window fitting system and the Kawneer aluminium profiles. And it's not just metalworkers that benefit from this: In addition to the outstanding quality, the components manufactured are characterised by high functional reliability. A time saving of up to 50 percent can also be achieved in production. Of course, this also has a positive effect on costs.

This is good news for builders, architects and planners too. The new system solution increases flexibility in window construction and opens up great scope for designing building solutions. It goes without saying that all required standards are complied with. Project planning is also becoming more efficient. "Competent consulting service teams from Winkhaus and Kawneer accompany the planner as required", emphasizes Lars Wehrspann, Head of Aluminium Sales at Winkhaus and responsible for the sale of aluPilot in the DACH and Benelux countries.

Fast and individual

The innovative Winkhaus aluPilot fitting system streamlines the production of aluminium windows and speeds up the fitting process by up to 10 minutes per element. Here's the reason why: The low number of work steps, pre-assembled parts and the fact that only three tools are required make the installation of the window fitting considerably easier.

Available as a turn, tilt-turn, tilt, faceplate or tilt before turn fitting system, aluPilot is suitable for a wide variety of windows with an aluminium standard rebate. Burglary-resistant windows up to class RC3 are installed with the fitting certified according to QM 328.

Just like the Kawneer profile systems, the aluPilot fitting system is also completely modular, making it the ideal combination - and giving metalworkers all the freedom to meet customer requirements.

"Together with the high-quality aluminium profiles from Kawneer, our aluPilot fitting system forms a perfect symbiosis. This makes it possible to implement projects with the highest demands on modern architecture and innovative functions", emphasises Markus Maedje, Head of Aluminium Sales at the Winkhaus Group.

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Mastering simplicity

With Kawneer's modular aluminium systems for windows, doors and façades, it doesn't matter what the starting point of the design is, whether the focus is on aesthetics or functionality. The modular system is designed so that the design remains the same regardless of the functional properties. It is this modular approach that makes installation simple and fast - mastering simplicity.

"We are proud that, in a world where time is money, we can make this unique contribution to the market without compromising the quality of our aluminium product", says Koen van D'Huynslager, technical sales consultant at Kawneer.

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About Kawneer
Kawneer, part of Arconic, is a global player in aluminium windows, doors and façades. Around 150 employees work in Benelux, designing, developing and selling aluminium profile systems. The company has its own dedicated testing and training centre, where Kawneer performs tests and measurements on the (existing) profile systems and customer training. Kawneer contributes to a unique architecture with projects in Benelux such as The Edge, Pontsteiger, Pavilion Circle and Project Sluishuis in its portfolio.

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About Winkhaus
The family-run company Winkhaus has earned the confidence of customers with innovative products and competent service for over 160 years. Winkhaus currently employs around 2,100 employees at its five locations in Germany and its international subsidiaries. The high quality and reliability of Winkhaus intelligent system solutions for windows, doors and access are appreciated worldwide.

Winkhaus systems for aluminium windows and

doors have been proven to be perfectly suited for projects of different applications and sizes. The proven and versatile solutions save valuable production time and increase design efficiency. Together with Winkhaus's qualified consulting services, this creates real added value for the customer. This can be the decisive factor for success in highly competitive markets.


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