blueSmart: Module 2a

Introduction to the system’s hardware and software

Have you already completed the product training “blueSmart: Module 1 – Understanding and applying the basics of the system” and know the basic properties of our locking system? Now deepen your knowledge on handling the associated hardware and software.

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Understanding the function and application of the blueSmart system

In this one-day training course, you will learn how our blueSmart hardware works and how to use it, as well as the associated blueControl software. We will start by explaining all hardware components, the different software variants and functioning of the system.
In the second part, you will get to know the blueControl Start Virtual user software in greater detail. We will show you how to install the software, its functions, applications and special features, as well as how to import a locking plan.



The training course is held in Berlin, Münster, Kriftel or Munich.

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Beginning: 9:00 a.m.
End: 5:00 p.m.

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This training is offered for €210.00 per person.*


After this training, you will be able to explain all hardware components of the blueSmart locking system and the differences between the individual software variants to your customers. You will also be able to install the software and run initial applications.
Module 2a is a prerequisite for all further training courses.

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* Our training content is supported by well-conceived presentations that convey the necessary theory, followed by extensive hands-on exercises to demonstrate and improve your newly acquired knowledge. All this is done under professional instruction and supported by the product manuals and technical data sheets we provide. We charge this fee for these efforts.